Estos son los aeropuertos más baratos y más caros de España

Airports: the cheapest and the most expensive in Spain

Travelling by plane is one of the best ways to discover new destinations, both within and outside Spain. However, in the current economic climate, more and more travellers are looking for the cheapest airports in order to save a few euros when purchasing their ticket. This guide can help you find your next flight without overspending – read on to find out how!

1. Airfares are set to rise in 2023

According to Skyscanner’s Travel Trends study, the most popular flight comparison website, finding cheaper travel will be the priority for all those wishing to fly this year. However, this will become increasingly difficult, as ticket prices are set to rise compared to 2022.

On a corporate level, it is worth asking which Spanish airports are the most economical when it comes to taking a flight, both within and outside Spain. European destinations continue to be among the most popular for business trips.

2. These are the cheapest airports in Spain

Skyscanner carried out a study to find out which are the cheapest airports in Spain, which can be very interesting when it comes to managing spending on business trips more efficiently.

In order to determine the average cost per airport, the famous search engine analysed the eight European destinations preferred by Spanish travellers. That is to say:

  • London.
  • Paris.
  • Rome.
  • Milan.
  • Berlin.
  • Dublin.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Brussels.

From this, it was deduced that the price of a ticket can vary by as much as 250 euros depending on the departure airport. According to the analysis, Barcelona’s El Prat airport is the cheapest airport for travelling in Europe.

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It is closely followed by Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga airports. In these cases, their tickets are generally under 200 euros, depending on the destination chosen.

3. Which airports are the cheapest for travelling in Europe?

For corporate travel, it is interesting to know which airports are the cheapest so that Travel Managers can manage expenses more efficiently.

If you want to travel to London, the cheapest airport in Spain is Madrid, with an average cost of around 132 euros. The average price, in this case, is 184 euros. For travel to cities such as Dublin, Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, El Prat airport is still the cheapest, with an average cost of 136 euros.

In the specific case of Berlin, if this is the chosen destination, the first place as the cheapest airport is held by Valencia airport, with an average cost of 130 euros. The average cost of all airports to find a ticket to this European destination is 186 euros.

If the destination is Rome, it is striking that the best prices can be found at Gran Canaria airport. In this case, the average price is 39% cheaper than the average, which stands at around 170 euros.

Tickelia - Airports: the cheapest and the most expensive in Spain

4. The cheapest airports for travelling to Spain

Another aspect to consider is that there are also many European flights to Spain as a destination. In this case, if you are looking to travel from Europe to Spain, the cheapest airport to do so is Madrid airport, closely followed by El Prat airport in Barcelona.

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The other cheapest airports for landing in Spain are:

  • Sevilla.
  • Santiago de Compostela.
  • Valencia.
  • Palma de Mallorca.
  • Bilbao.
  • Malaga.
  • Alicante.
  • Murcia.

In 2023, however, inflation has caused the price of all products to rise due to the increase in costs. In this sense, so will airline tickets, so it will be necessary to carry out more intense searches if you want to save when travelling, whether it is a leisure trip or a business trip.

5. Which are the most expensive airports in Spain?

Now that you know which Spanish airports are the cheapest, it is also interesting to know which are the most expensive. According to the flight comparison website’s report, the most expensive airport is Bilbao . However, Alicante, Santiago and Gran Canaria airports are also more than 200 euros per ticket.

The aim of taking all this data into account is to be able to manage travel more economically. To do this, there is the figure of the Travel Manager, who is in charge of keeping up to date with these price variations, as well as other aspects related to business travel in order to comply with the spending policy and keep a rigorous control of the costs of each trip.

Luckily, there are solutions such as Tickelia, which helps Travel Managers and mobile employees who need to report expenses frequently, as with just a photo through its App and OCR technology, they can report all expenses incurred during the trip. In this way, employees can forget about keeping paper receipts and having to enter all expenses in an Excel spreadsheet, while Travel Managers can still add up the cost of each trip with just a few clicks, with full control over the whole process.

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If you want to know everything Tickelia can do in relation to corporate travel, don’t hesitate any longer, click on the banner below and request more information!

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