We reinvent expense management with configurable corporate cards in different formats to adapt 100% to your needs. 


Expense cards according to your needs:



Conveniently pay for all types of business expenses with your Tickelia Visa card and simplify expense reporting.



Now your physical card can also be virtual, so you can make your payments wherever you are.


Single-use virtual cards

Tickelia generates a single-use virtual card for each approved expense request, which is disabled once the purchase has been made.


Virtual cards for subscriptions

Tickelia issues a virtual card for each monthly or annual subscription previously approved by the person in charge.


Restrictions and limitations

Configure the cards for expenses based on your company policy and minimize internal fraud:

  • Monthly and daily limit.
  • Limit of use per day and time zone.
  • Limit of use for online or international purchases.
  • Restriction by type of expense.

Apple pay and google pay

Our cards are perfectly compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, so you can easily make your expenses and purchases from your Smartphone.


Smart AutoBlock, control and safety

We include the Smart Autoblock functionality to ensure the proper use of the card: if an expense is not properly justified, the card will be automatically blocked, thus increasing the control and security of each payment.

If you have corporate cards from other banks, don't worry: link them too!

Card matching

Automatically match all payments made with debit or credit cards with the receipts uploaded to Tickelia. How? Very simple: the system searches for the digitized expense and automatically links it to the card transaction. In addition, it performs currency exchange adjustments to match it to the cent.

This functionality is available for your bank’s corporate cards and Tickelia Visa cards.


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