Control and approval of expenses

32% of managers have alerts pending review, which means that these managers have expenses that do not correspond to the policy established by their company. 

With Tickelia you can achieve rigorous control over the entire expense management process and obtain the information you need in real time to improve your company’s decision making. 

Control y aprobación de gastos
Control y aprobación de gastos

Independent and multi level approval

With Tickelia you can set up multi level approval flows and perform an exhaustive control of the compliance with the corporate expense policy:

  • Separate setup for expense notes, advances, travel requests, online purchases and subscriptions.
  • Set up multi-level approval flows based on business analytics.
  • Automatic approvals based on policy non-compliance.

Alerts for policy compliance

Tickelia’s customizable approval allows:

  • Sending multiple alerts per amount to detect any exceeded amount based on policy.
  • Avoid spending on holidays, weekends or other configurable periods.
  • Prevent old expenses from being reported.
  • Other features.
Control y aprobación de gastos
Control y aprobación de gastos

Duplicate and fraud control

Thanks to Tickelia’s OCR and AI technology, the system can detect any duplicate expense reported by a user. In this way, internal fraud derived from this is minimized.

Make decisions on the move

The manager can fully approve an expense, partially approve it or reject it directly from both Tickelia’s web browser and the App. This allows the user freedom to manage and control approvals from wherever they are.

In addition, the system issues push notifications for alerts that can be received either on the App, on the web platform or even via email.

Control y aprobación de gastos
Control y aprobación de gastos

Information is power. Improve your decision making.

Obtaining information in real time allows you to not only improve management control, but also take advantage of the data to improve the decision-making process and exploit the information as you see fit.

With Tickelia’s Business Intelligence, you will obtain a vision of expenses in the most global, visual and intuitive way possible, as well as having access to a more concrete analysis in real time, by employee, by department or by analytical concept.

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