Digitization of expenses

Fully automate the process of managing business expenses: leave manual data entry behind and finally get rid of paper receipts. With Tickelia you can report any expense by simply taking a photograph of the receipt or invoice, as well as forward receipts by email or calculate mileage using Google Maps.

With automatic OCR reading, the system allows you to capture up to 18 expense fields, as well as read handwritten receipts. And, thanks to approval by the tax authorities, the user does not need to preserve physical receipts, so everything is fully digitized and with full legal validity.

Digitalización del gasto
Digitalización del gasto

Photograph your receipts

Report your expenses the easy way! Pay the amount, take a picture of the receipt from your Smartphone and that’s it!

The Tickelia App is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, and allows you to capture the fields of any receipt, simplified or complete invoice, and from any country, thanks to automatic OCR reading.

To facilitate reporting, Tickelia allows the configuration of expense types, as well as the creation of customizable fields so that the user can indicate the information required according to the nature of the expense. In addition, the system also makes it possible to link an expense to a specific project or analytical field.

Automatic OCR reading with AI

Never type expense information manually again. Tickelia’s OCR+ICR technology allows you to capture up to 18 fields of the expense in a few seconds with the highest reliability regardless of language and country, as well as every single field of handwritten receipts.

In addition, the Artificial Intelligence used by Tickelia manages to increase its capabilities as expenses are reported and the information is validated, making the system the best on the market by far.

Digitalización del gasto
Digitalización del gasto

Certified digitization

Forget about keeping paper receipts! Tickelia is approved by the Tax Administration of many countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, among others, so that the reported expenses have the same legal validity as the original on paper.

Tickelia allows you to store the information securely in accordance with the Order EHA/962/2007, so that you do not have to invest in physical storage of paper invoices, in addition to being able to have a fully digitized management process, whatever your country of origin.

Report mileage expenses

With Tickelia, reporting mileage is easier than ever. The system allows you to configure the price of mileage, as well as calculate it automatically using Google Maps or by configuring predefined routes.

In addition, the system allows the selection of outbound and return trips and, to complete the process, specific fields can be configured to indicate all the relevant information you consider relevant to a trip, such as the company you have visited or a stop you think should be included.

Tickelia also allows you to automate the process of integrating this expense into the employees’ payroll so that payment is as simple and flexible as possible.

Digitalización del gasto
Digitalización del gasto

Report digital expenses

Do you receive receipts by email? Tickelia adapts to the needs of your company, allowing you to report any type of expense in the easiest way. If you receive PDF receipts by email, just forward the file to Tickelia or upload it directly to the system, it’s that easy!

When a receipt is forwarded to the system, Tickelia automatically generates the expenditure and reads all the information in the receipt or invoice fields using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence in the market and in just a few seconds.

Daily allowances

Easily report daily allowances by agreement. From Tickelia’s mobile application you can create, manage and establish daily allowances according to the needs of your company or its policy, quickly and easily. The system has the ability to calculate the exact amount to be reimbursed to workers according to the fields detailed in the report.

In addition, the system allows the integration of this expense directly into the employees’ payroll, so that its management is completely automated and does not depend on manual processes.

Digitalización del gasto
Digitalización del gasto

Delegated expense reporting and approval management

Tickelia allows you to report any type of expense, whether it is a receipt, an invoice or other types of expenses in the most flexible and effective way. For this reason, you can delegate the expense report to your assistant from the system, as well as approvals in case you are on vacation or have to be absent from your work responsibilities for a period of time.

In addition, the system has a LOGS log of these authorizations to keep everything in order for auditing and compliance controls.

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