Tickelia, the solution leader in Spain for managing expense reports and business trips.

Discover the comprehensive solution that reinvents and simplifies expense management with just a few photographs and a few clicks from a platform linked to your business management system or ERP. Save time and money with a positive ROI thanks to national and international VAT refunds.




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Advantages of Tickelia

It integrates the expense management process and does away with paper, manual tasks, lost time and possible fraud.

Efficiency and

Tickelia reduces the time it takes to manage business expenses and trips by 75% thanks to a solution that not only adapts to your needs but can be completely integrated.

Control and elimination
of fraud

Tickelia establishes alerts according to the expense policy and labour schedules and eliminates bad practices through its intelligent fraud detection process.

about paper

Tickelia digitises any expense on paper with all legal guarantees thanks to our official approval by the Tax Agencies of numerous countries, thereby allowing you to do away with paper receipts.

How Tickelia organises your flow of expenses and trips

Management prior to a trip

Tickelia manages the request process, such as advances, a plane ticket or a hotel reservation, using a controlled process with absolute traceability.


  • Request for means of travel and advances for trips.
  • Multi-level approval flow.
  • Management profile for the Travel Manager or Cash Management.
  • Management of contingencies or trip cancellations.

Intelligent means of payment

Tickelia reinvents expense management with intelligent payment methods thanks to Tickelia Visa cards.


  • Configuration of restrictions by amount, days of the week, time frame or type of expense.
  • Improved control over expenses.
  • Simplified expense report with instant push notifications.
  • Automatic reconciliation using the Smart AutoBlock function.

Expense report

Report your expenses with just a few clicks and a photograph, and forget about the expense report forever.


  • Take a photograph of the expense using your smartphone.
  • Do you receive receipts via email? Forward them to Tickelia and you’re ready to go.
  • Mileage through Google Maps or per diems according to collective bargaining agreement.
  • Delegate expense reporting to your assistant.

Customisable approval

Tickelia notifies you about any breach of policy or the reporting of duplicate expenses.


  • Multi-level approval.
  • Control of the expense policy.
  • Detection of fraud and duplicates.
  • Analysis of the team’s expenses.

Financial management

Tickelia automates most of the tasks performed using the current method, and it saves over 85% in the time used.


  • Automatic settlement and posting.
  • Automatic payment to employees via SEPA.
  • Integrated communication to the Immediate Information Reporting (SII) system of the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).
  • Budget control and detailed cost analysis.

VAT refund

Obtain a positive ROI as from the first month with VAT refunds through the exchange of receipts for invoices.


  • National and international VAT refunds.
  • Greater percentage of market success.
  • Service according to a success fee.
  • Automatic integration in your ERP for posting.