The all-in-one solution for business expense management

Tickelia fully automates the entire process of business expense management, from payment to automatic accounting with ERP, including reporting, advance management, travel and liquidation.

Tickelia, la solución 360º para la gestión de gastos de empresa.

Manage all your business expenses from a single platform

gastos de viaje

Travel Expenses

Digitize the entire management of your travel expenses: from payment to accounting, as well as reporting, expense policy control and approval.

gastos online

Online expenses

Decentralize payment management without losing control. Increase the security of your online expenses, reducing the risk of fraud and mishandling.



Centralize and intelligently manage your subscriptions. Avoid unexpected charges for forgotten subscriptions and pay or cancel them with a single click.



Rethink the expense management process thanks to physical and virtual cards that can be set up with the limits and restrictions you need.



Request the travel resources you need quickly and easily, improving the visibility and control of your spending policies.



Increase control of advance requests from an intuitive, single, centralized dashboard and set up a multilevel approval flow based on the amount.


Financial Automation

Automate bank reconciliation, settlement and accounting, reducing the time your accounting department spends on these tasks.


VAT recovery

Get a positive ROI from the first month with VAT recovery by converting receipts into invoices, all with a flat fee.


Data control and analytics

Consult information and data analysis in real time, improve control of your expenses with customizable approval and optimize your strategic decisions.

The solution you need to manage, control and automate your business expenses.

Integrate the business expense management process by eliminating paper, manual tasks, wasted time and potential fraud.

La solucion que necesitas

Efficiency and automation

Reduce the administrative time spent on expense management and business travel by 75% thanks to a system that adapts to your needs and is 100% customizable.


Fraud control and elimination

Set up alerts based on expense policy and work schedules, and eliminate bad practices with our intelligent fraud detection process.


Get rid of paper receipts

Digitize paper expenses with all legal guarantees by using our multiple country Tax Agency approvals.

Automate your travel expense management

Thanks to Tickelia’s various features, you can fully digitize the entire travel expense management process, from start to finish, and increase control over expense policies.

Captura de gastos

Effortless expense capture

To report any expense, do it the easy way: pay the amount, take a picture of the receipt and that’s it! Upload it to Tickelia and the system will take care of the rest.

Lectura de datos

Automatic data reading

Forget about manually typing in your expense information. Our OCR+ICR technology allows you to capture up to 18 receipt or invoice fields with the highest reliability on the market.

Sin papel

Paperless and legally guaranteed

You can finally get rid of paper receipts. Tickelia is approved by tax agencies in multiple countries so that the expenses reported have the same legal validity as the original paper copy.

Km y dietas

Mileage and daily work allowances

Tickelia adapts to the needs of the market allowing multiple ways to report your expenses, as in the case of mileage through Google Maps or predefined routes and the reporting of daily work allowances by agreement.

Digitaliza y simplifica

Digitize and simplify the management of your online expenses and subscriptions

Manage the entire business expense cycle in a simple, fast and, above all, secure way. With Tickelia you can optimize the management of online expenses and subscription payments, decentralizing payment management without losing control and increasing the visibility of recurring payments through Tickelia’s virtual cards.

Reinvent expense management with our smart business cards

Tickelia offers different business card formats to suit the different needs of companies. In addition, these cards can be configured with limits and restrictions to increase expense management control.

Reinventa las gestion de gastos
multiples formatos

Multiple formats according to your needs

We have different corporate card formats that are 100% adaptable to your needs:

  • Physical cards for travel.
  • Virtual cards for employees.
  • Single-use virtual cards.
  • Recurring virtual cards for subscriptions.

Restrictions and limitations in detail

To increase control of your business expenses, you can configure our cards based on your spending policy to minimize internal fraud:

  • Monthly and daily limit.
  • Limit of use per day and time zone.
  • Limit of use on online or international purchases.
  • Restriction by type of expense.
apple y google pay

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Take your business card with you wherever you go. Our cards are compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing you to pay your business expenses conveniently from your Smartphone.

conciliacion auto

Automated and real-time reconciliation

Automatically reconcile all payments made with your business cards by uploading receipts and invoices to Tickelia, and eliminate the worry of manual tracking and verification.

Automatizacion financiera

Financial automation

Reduce administrative time and avoid errors resulting from manual tasks. Tickelia allows you to automate bank reconciliation, as well as settlement and accounting. 

VAT Recovery

Get a positive ROI from the first month. Tickelia is the only business expenses system with its own VAT Recovery service and a flat fee, so we only charge per successful invoice. In addition, Tickelia allows VAT deduction both nationally and internationally, in more than 42 countries.

Control y analitica

Data control and analytics

Establish multi level approval flows and get greater control at every step of the expense management process. With Tickelia you will be able to know the degree of compliance with the company’s expense policy, as well as obtain information in real time and optimize your internal decision making.


Tickelia allows you to request the necessary mobility resources for your business trip in a flexible and intuitive way. In addition, the manager has greater control over all requests thanks to the configuration of multilevel approval flow and management from a single platform.



With Tickelia you can request the amount of advances from anywhere and at any time, from the APP or the Back Office. The solution also allows you to increase the control of these requests by establishing a multi level approval flow and providing full visibility of each of the expenses incurred.


Maximize the automation of your company’s processes by integrating Tickelia with your management software in a bidirectional way and through file exchange or API Rest. ERP, CRM, payroll, HR, travel agencies… Tickelia can be integrated with the systems you require to fully adapt to your needs.


Because people are important. We take every step with you.


We accompany you in the implementation process

We don't leave you stranded! Our team of experts will accompany you through every step of the implementation process, from pre start-up to after-solution activation.

La solución 360º para la gestión de gastos de empresa

Continuous support

If you need to report any incident, have any doubts or need any changes, don't worry, we are here to help you by your preferred communication method: telephone, email or face-to-face.


Everything in the cloud and with the highest security policies.

At Tickelia we comply with the highest security standards, so your data is safe with us. For years we have had both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification.

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