Tickelia can be integrated with any system in a bidirectional way to maximize the automation of processes, whether it is ERP, a payroll program, a card, a travel agency, security or Business Intelligence, among many others.

Thanks to the integrations that our system allows, you will be able to centralize all data and access it in real time. This will give you the tools to improve your company’s decision making and strategic capacity.


How do we integrate Tickelia with your ERP?


Tickelia will assign you a responsible person who will be in charge of the implementation during the whole process.


Based on the consultations and needs of your company, Tickelia adapts to your requirements.


We guarantee you a safe and flexible implementation process so that you can start noticing results from minute one.


Get process automation in an integral way.


Human Resources:

Manage your employees’ requests and streamline payroll.

Recursos humanos


Automatic synchronization with your payment cards.


Travel agencies:

Get two-way communication with your travel agency.


Security or authentication:

Keep all your data secure.


Business Intelligence:

Real-time data analysis to improve your strategic decisions.



We integrate with any platform you need.


More is more: optimize your management thanks to integrations.

Más es más: optimiza tu gestión gracias a las integraciones

Maximize the automation of processes thanks to the integration that Tickelia allows. Our system integrates quickly and easily with any management software in a bidirectional way so that you can synchronize all the expenses processed in Tickelia in real time with your accounting system and optimize the process.

Do you have a custom ERP?

Tickelia can be integrated with your ERP in a flexible and simple way, to fully adapt to the needs of your company:


Through connections with the main ERP manufacturers.


Through APIs with optimized bidirectional connections between the system and management software.


Through CSV, TXT, Excel, etc. files with the data processed by users in Tickelia.

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