Travel management

Simplify your media request flow, improve control of expense policies and integrate your travel management with our corporate travel expense software.

With Tickelia you can integrate the entire expense and travel management process, achieving greater control of the flow with traceability at every point and obtaining global cost analytics per trip.

Gestión de viajes
Solicitud y aprobación de medios

Media request and approval

Create your trip, easily request the travel information you need and add your colleagues or external company staff who will go with you.

At Tickelia you can request the travel information that you need:

  • Plane, train or boat tickets.
  • Hotels.
  • Car rental.
  • Other related expenses such as airport parking, roaming, etc.

In addition, the system allows you to set up a multilevel approval flow to obtain full visibility of the expenses for each trip, as well as the management of unforeseen events or cancellations from the platform and integration with your travel agency or travel manager.

Centralized management panel for Travel Manager

Intuitively control all requests from a single panel and manage contingencies and cancellations digitally, to avoid sending mass emails.

In addition, from the Tickelia dashboard it is possible to manage the costs and invoices derived from the bookings made, as well as other related documents that arise from this process.

Gestión de viajes
Gestión de viajes

Global cost analytics

Improve the control of expenses incurred in corporate travel thanks to global cost analysis per trip. 

Tickelia integrates the linking of all expenses associated with the trip, allowing you to obtain metrics and KPIs so that the company can make decisions about travel and its associated costs:

Control of each of the expenses of the approved and managed requests, such as airline tickets, train tickets, hotels, car rental, etc.

Linking of all payment receipts generated during the trip by digitizing the tickets associated with the trip previously created in Tickelia.

Generation of corporate travel expense reports so that managers have full visibility of their team’s travel costs.

Reports and queries of travel costs by the Travel Manager or the Finance department.

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