Automate financial processes

Fully digitize all your financial tasks, such as settlement, accounting, budget control, payment card reconciliation or automatic payment to the employee via SEPA, thus minimizing the time your accounting department spends on all these manual tasks.

Automatiza los procesos financieros
Liquidación y contabilización automática

Automatic settlement and accounting

Automate the management of approved expense notes, as well as automatically transferring accounts to your management or human resources software.

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Automatic transfer to ERP for the posting of receipts and invoices.

Transfer of mileage and daily allowances to payroll software.

In addition, Tickelia automatically calculates the total amount to be reimbursed per employee depending on the payment method of their expenses, advances, and refunds of excess amounts or settlements with a balance in favor of the employee.

Card reconciliation

Automatically match all payments made with debit or credit cards with the receipts uploaded to Tickelia. How? Very simple: the system searches for the digitized expense (digitization of the expense) and automatically links it to the card transaction. In addition, it makes currency exchange adjustments to reconcile it to the cent.

This functionality is available for your bank’s corporate cards and Tickelia Visa cards.

Automatiza los procesos financieros
Automatiza los procesos financieros

Automatic payment via SEPA

Visualize the total to be reimbursed for each of the employees and make the payment directly through SEPA export, regardless of the bank you work with.

Tickelia allows you to automate the accounting entry of employees’ payment, as well as to differentiate between what is paid by payroll and what is paid by bank transfer.

Budget control

Get full visibility of expenses incurred at all times, as well as a detailed cost analysis. In addition, with Tickelia you can configure budgets based on your cost analytics such as cost centers or projects, as well as based on a time period (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

The system performs intelligent blocking and issues automatic notifications based on compliance and budget status in real time, which guarantees the user complete control over business expenses incurred and compliance with these based on company policy.

Automatiza los procesos financieros

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