VAT Recovery

We are the only expense management system on the market that handles VAT recovery entirely without third parties to offer you a better experience and return on investment.

According to regulations, in order to recover VAT on an expense, it is necessary to have a complete invoice. However, in day to day work, it is normal for many workers to have business expenses and receive a receipt or simplified invoice as proof.

At Tickelia, we convert these simplified invoices into complete invoices, contacting the supplier directly so that the user does not have to take care of anything and we can then deduct the VAT in their tax return.

Recuperación de IVA
Recuperación de IVA

Service to success

Get a positive ROI from the first month with VAT recovery by transferring receipts into invoices. In addition, we only charge per successful invoice!

Recuperación de IVA

Domestic VAT recovery

Tickelia is the only expense management solution that handles the entire VAT recovery process with the highest success rate in the market.

Recuperación de IVA

International / Foreign VAT Recovery

International VAT recovery in over 42 countries, including all EU member states, plus Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Norway.



Automatic integration with your ERP for the posting of all obtained redemption invoices.

How we process the vat recovery of your business costs

Recuperación de IVA

Scanning of receipts and data extraction

When employees make an expense and take a picture of the payment receipt, Tickelia’s OCR technology captures all relevant fields to obtain the necessary data.

Recuperación de IVA

From simple invoices to complete invoices

In order to be able to deduct VAT from an expense it is necessary to have complete invoices. At Tickelia we contact the suppliers of those receipts or simple invoices that users receive so that they can issue these complete invoices.

Recuperación de IVA

VAT recovery through a successful fee

At Tickelia we personally take care of the entire VAT recovery process, charging only per successful invoice. In addition, we also offer international VAT recovery in more than 42 countries.

The advantages of vat recovery with Tickelia

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

We take care of the whole process 100%

Tickelia is the first business expenses solution that takes care of absolutely everything, without the user having to do anything, including automatic integration with the company's ERP.

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

Positive ROI from the first month

Thanks to VAT recovery through the exchange of receipts and simplified invoices to full invoices, Tickelia allows the company to obtain a positive ROI from the first month.

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

Highest success rate in the market

Tickelia offers its users the best VAT recovery rate, on a success fee basis and only charging per successful invoice.

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

International VAT

Tickelia's VAT recovery service is international, so it adapts to the legislation of each country. The service includes all member states of the European Union, plus Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Norway.

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

Automatic integration with your ERP

Tickelia allows an automatic integration with the company's ERP for the accounting of all redemption invoices obtained.

Tickelia - VAT Recovery

We take care of our customers' image

From Tickelia, we reject aggressive measures in the process of claiming invoices and we look, at all times, to take care of the client's image and reputation.

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