Caso de éxito: Haya Real Estate

Haya Real Estate success case

Haya Real Estate is a leading Spanish company that provides real estate services, and it is the most important non-bank company in the management of loans to property developers and in the management of real estate assets awarded in Spain. It manages assets amounting to approximately 40 billion euros in representation of its financial institution clients.

The problem

The staff of Haya Real Estate is formed by over 680 professionals who are experts in the real estate sector, with a very high mobility index. The staff of Haya Real Estate is formed by over 680 professionals who are experts in the real estate sector, with a very high volume of mobility. The company has a large team, and managing the travel expenses that are generated every month requires considerable work and effort and involves a major administrative workload. Managing the expenses of this large human team was very complicated, and it involved the full-time dedication of several people in the administration department: every expense originating from employees had to be reviewed, validated, settled and filed. The company therefore decided to search for a solution in the market that would allow them to streamline, improve and optimise this process.

The solution

Given that Haya Real Estate was aware that their expense management process had to be improved, they decided to conduct a market study, thereby analysing different solutions. Tickelia’s proposal was the one with the best fit, both technologically and functionally.

Haya Real Estate positively viewed Tickelia’s flexibility to fit within its work flows. One of the functionalities that caught the attention the most of the company’s managers when deciding on Tickelia was the ease with which information was automatically recognised. This functionality was key when reaching the decision, given that it represented complete automation of the reporting process: workers do not have to enter any data. They only have to take a photograph of their receipts, and the system automatically captures all the information on the receipt and stores it in a database. It also allows them to automatically transfer all these data to their financial accounting system for posting and for presenting the required data, on time and in the proper form, to the SII (Immediate Information Reporting system).

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Another Tickelia functionality that motivated Haya Real Estate to opt for our solution was the fact that the expense approval flow was implemented through Tickelia workflows, given that the company’s internal regulations required the approval of expense reports by several people, consequently involving several approval levels.

Moreover, the expense policies of Haya Real Estate were implemented in Tickelia so that all delivered expenses would go through prior approval, thereby allowing direct validation via mobile phone by the managers who have to approve employee expenses, without having to give validation through a computer. Thanks to this functionality (approval from a mobile phone), the validation process has been streamlined, and settlements are much faster.

A relevant factor that Haya Real Estate highlighted was Tickelia’s official approval by the Tax Agency, given that this meant the complete elimination of paper in managing expenses and no paper filing, with receipts digitised using the Tickelia App, which stores the receipts as certified images that are completely valid in the event of an audit.

On the other hand, we mustn’t overlook another process that the company wanted to improve: bank reconciliation. In this regard, Tickelia allows importing all movements of corporate credit cards through a bank file so that all expenses can be automatically reconciled, thereby providing an immediate solution for a process considered to be highly critical at many companies.

A final element that was very attractive to Haya Real Estate was the VAT management that Tickelia provides, given that it is the only solution on the market that is 100% in charge of claiming invoices from establishments so that companies can deduct VAT from expenses. Tickelia performs the entire invoice claim process, and once an invoice is obtained, it is automatically transferred to the company’s ERP.

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The results

With the implementation of Tickelia at Haya Real Estate, the expense management process has changed completely. From having one person who used an entire workday for the administration process, in which expenses were reported monthly with stapled receipts, they have gone to having expense reports generated automatically using Tickelia, and the control and review process now takes place through a completely digitised platform.

On the other hand, the elimination of paper has represented a major cost savings in courier services and in storage management, given that the company no longer sends in receipts monthly to the central offices and has no need to store them.

“What used to be a highly manual and costly task has now become a completely automated process”, states Pablo Badía López, Director of Purchasing and Supplier Management at Haya Real Estate.

The main benefit that Haya Real Estate has obtained with Tickelia is the considerable drop in time spent by their personal on managing expenses of the entire company. It has been calculated that the time taken up by all the tasks related to this expense reporting has dropped by nearly 70%, which means a major financial savings for the business.

Bea Naveros
Content writer at Inology. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
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