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Committed to innovation since 1986.


With a track record of over 30 years and offices in the most important cities in Spain, INOLOGY has combined a study of business rules and needs with making the most of the experience of hundreds of clients to achieve progressive growth that has enabled it to become consolidated in the market and be considered an entity of reference in the management technology sector.


Since it was first established, Inology has developed technological solutions using its own programming language, created and designed exclusively by its R&D division. This commitment to innovation has earned Inology important public recognition in the ITC sector, through being awarded different prizes: Terrassa Chamber of Commerce Prize for Innovation, and finalist in the American Express NovoPymes Award for Innovation.


Our commitment to our clients moves us to work actively day by day to offer high quality, professional service, constantly focused on providing solutions with the utmost efficacy and rigour. To that end, Inology’s staff continuously provide their clients with friendly, pleasant and helpful service.


To continue to evolve and optimise control over the business processes of our clients. Now that this goal has been achieved, our second objective is to maintain direct communication with our clients to continue to improve from the perspective of technology.



Our products

Business management technology solutions to enable you to control your business.

  • Marino ERP

    Marino ERP

    The strong increase in competition in the market of today means that companies must operate speedily and efficiently. The MARINO ERP business tool offers companies the necessary functions to achieve this. This complete ERP system facilitates the internal organisation of the company, allowing it to improve its strategic and competitive capacity.

    A global ERP software system adapted to each need and with the capacity to grow, providing ERP management solutions for each area of the organisation: procurement, sales, accounting, warehousing, logistics, production, mobility, etc.


  • Marino CRM

    Marino CRM

    Nowadays, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) environment is configured as a strategic approach for the optimisation of the company’s business structures.

    The CRM objective is to complete the logical cycle of customer relations, fully integrating the information about each customer and structuring and promoting this connectivity based on a stable, well-defined methodology. The aim is to manage, control and guarantee the multiple channels of interaction between the company and its clients, consolidating sales and marketing actions.


  • Control de Tiempos

    Control de Tiempos

    The Time Control solutions are based on our own MARINO IMAGINE technology. They are characterised by their high level of functionality, scalability, flexibility and robustness.

    We centralise your company’s resources through time management, security, access and video/task supervision tools.

    The best way to guarantee effective compliance with any management system in the company is by providing a professional context to ensure the success of any project.


  • QActivity


    QActivity is a tool developed specifically for the purpose of increasing productivity in companies and organisations. It presents all the data related to the business activity, use of application or time spent on daily tasks, such as telephone assistance or meetings in the form of charts and graphs. This tool provides information on work habits, analyses the real situation and applies corrective measures that permit the adequate allocation of time.

    QActivity is a cloud-based solution for organisations that use PCs and are permanently connected to the Internet.



Some of our clients

We wish to thank them all for putting their trust in us.

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