About Tickelia

It was created in 2013 by Inology, a company that specialises in management software development, with a history of over 34 years. Tickelia is the top, leading expense report solution in Spain.

  • At Tickelia we work with over 1,600 clients that manage expenses in over 124 countries. Some of our references include Ibercaja, MediaMarkt, Prisa, Caser Seguros and T-Systems, among others.
  • Inology is a company that has great financial stability in comparison with its competitors, which allows us to do without investment funds that have a short-term business vision oriented at making a profit.
+90Mprocessed expenses

Tickelia, the leading expense report solution in Spain

Security and integration

Our priority is guaranteeing a secure and quality service for our clients.

Integration through API Rest or files via SFTP for settlements, VAT refund invoices and/or master data.

Integration with your company’s Active Directory through multiple standard formats for data exchange.

Parameterisation of password strength using quality, renovation, repetition and expiry policies.

Tickelia is certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 security standard, which means that it offers the highest level of security and regulatory compliance.

The web application is available for all browsers, without requiring any executable.

Tickelia is the only solution that has data in the Spanish territory, which relieves it from having to notify the AEAT (Tax Agency) about the use of an officially approved solution with data outside of the country.

Inology’s products

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Inology’s products

This solution combines the management of corporate purchases and subscriptions with intelligent payment methods in a single solution that integrates the entire management flow, such as approval of expense requests, generation of virtual cards o scanning, data extraction and accounting of invoices issued by creditors.

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This tool offers absolute control over a company’s human resources, and it implements all types of solutions related to access control, logical and physical security, video surveillance, etc.

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They comprise a set of business software technology solutions based on Marino Imagine technology, an innovative platform that allows completely creating or modifying ERP/CRM business management applications, quickly, simply and intuitively.

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Service centres

Tickelia has a solid and extensive network of service centres distributed throughout all Europe, thereby providing you with quick access to assistance services related to Tickelia. Find your nearest service centre, and we’ll assist you.

Tickelia is close by to offer you the best service.

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