Gain efficiency in management and get the most out of the solution with VAT refunds

At Tickelia, we reduce expense management time by 75%. Your time is important. Spend it on more valuable tasks.




Manage expenses with just a few clicks and photographs using Tickelia, an easy-to-use solution with the shortest adaptation period.


  • 100% digital, without paper.
  • Forget about entering data manually.
  • Integrated payment solution.
  • Control your expenses.
  • Wherever you are.
  • 80% reduction in management time.



    Conduct comprehensive control of your team’s expenses while investing half the current time.


    • Greater control of the team’s expenses.
    • Convenient visual alerts.
    • Compliance with the expense policy.
    • Automatic fraud detection.
    • Anywhere.



      Forget about expense management by automating over 95% of your current time.


      • Automation of tasks.
      • Time savings.
      • Automatic payment to employees.
      • Elimination of manual accounting notes.
      • Improved control over expenses.
      • Budget control.

        Travel Manager


        Obtain absolute control over the request process and control over the cost of all business trips.


        • Improved management of requests.
        • Prior approval flow.
        • Overview of costs per trip.
        • Management of contingencies and/or cancellations.

            CIO / CTO


            Implement a solution that can be completely integrated with the best practices and the most demanding standards in security and service quality.


            • Integration with your management solutions.
            • Integration with an Active Directory or parameterisation of the password strength.
            • ISO 27001 and 9001 certification.
            • GDPR compliance.
            • Priority given to strong security measures.
            • Developed by the company Inology. A company with over 35 years of experience developing business management software.



                The global solution with a positive ROI as from the first month thanks to the time savings of all roles involved and successful VAT refunds. It digitises the entire process with maximum legal guarantees, and it automates 90% of manual tasks.


                • Return on the investment as from the first month.
                • Time savings for everyone involved.
                • Control of and compliance with policy.
                • Elimination of fraud.
                • Certified digitisation.
                • A solution with a global reach.
                • Over 1,600 clients already trust in us.

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